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Passionate about innovation and a job well done.  

With a combined experience of several decades and several hundred houses, the Construction Memphré team is a meeting place for avant-garde thinking and best practices in the industry.

Our teams of exceptional carpenters and subcontractors are supported by our administrative team. Our values ​​of creativity, a job well done and support are easily seen in our interactions, which are intended to be human and transparent, as well as in our work.

Maison de l'écorce

Our certifications and guarantees

Aiming for excellence both in the design of our homes and in the execution of the work, Construction Memphré has many certifications and is proud to have been awarded the AA Rating by the "Garantie de Construction Résidentiel", the highest recognition in the market.

Having had several LEED houses certified, we also have the Novoclimat certification, which assures you of a healthy and efficient house.


Marie-Hélène & Jean-Philippe

We chose to trust Construction Memphré because it is a local, respectful company with human values, often set aside by other companies in the name of profit. The team's know-how, its analytical skills and its positive energy ultimately saved us money.


We are really satisfied with the work of the Construction Memphré team. Their respect of our deadlines and meticulous expertise really impressed us. Thank you for this beautiful work!

I am very happy with my experience with Construction Memphré. Their work was neat and professional, from the first visit! I was entitled to exemplary service. Thank you for making my home healthier, stronger, and more energy efficient!


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