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General contractor specialized in the construction of luxury homes

In the Eastern Townships and the Laurentians

Scandinave de l'étang


A builder of prestigious homes in Estrie and the Laurentians, Construction Memphré stands out for its ability to create unique spaces that adapt to the different lifestyles of our clients. We work closely with renowned architects and designers, ensuring that each project reflects the expertise and creativity of our team. Thanks to our know-how, we transform visionary concepts into tangible realities, making each home a true work of art.

Whether for a new build or remodel of an existing home, we are committed to using the highest quality materials and advanced construction techniques to ensure durability and elegance. Our construction process is transparent and collaborative, allowing our clients to follow every step and be fully involved in the completion of their project. We are proud of our reputation as a leader in the creation of prestigious homes in the Eastern Townships and the upper Laurentians, and we strive to exceed our clients' expectations with each project.


At Construction Memphré, we are committed to going beyond expectations to build luxury homes that truly embody our clients' dreams and aspirations. “Building better” for us means creating unique and personalized living spaces, with an emphasis on innovation, quality and sustainability. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and tastes, ensuring every detail is designed to meet your specific requirements.

We integrate cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly materials into every project, reflecting our commitment to sustainable development. By collaborating with renowned architects and designers, we ensure that each home is not only aesthetically remarkable but also functional and environmentally friendly. Our transparent and collaborative approach allows you to follow each stage of the project, fully involving you in the realization of your dream home.

Scandinave de l'étang


Your house is more than a house, it is your haven of peace. Our construction and renovation services exist to transform your space into something perfectly suited to your aspirations and lifestyle, ensuring that every detail reflects your personality and needs.


We are passionate about creating bespoke luxury residences, reflecting each client's aspirations and unique lifestyle. Our detailed approach includes initial consultation, custom design, meticulous selection of materials and impeccable construction. We are committed to incorporating the latest innovations in sustainability and technology to ensure that every home is both beautiful and functional.


We excel in high-end renovations, tailoring each space to the specific needs and lifestyle of our clients. This process begins with a detailed assessment of your current needs and future desires. We work closely with you to redefine spaces, choose high-quality materials and integrate innovative solutions in terms of functionality and design. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, ensuring that each renovation enhances not only the beauty but also the value of your property.

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