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1. Project introduction and launch

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Start by talking with us, allowing us to understand your vision so that we can bring it to life while respecting your budget.

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Check out our internal processes and browse our references while we validate your permit requests.

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Take the plunge by choosing to team up with Construction Memphré and get ready to build a project that you will be proud of.

Rencontre initiale

2. Design and budgetary evaluation

  • Meet one of our partner architects or designers to create a home or project that is as unique as you are.

  • If you already have your plans, jump straight to the next step.

  • The plans are evaluated on a budgetary basis. We will pay special attention to suggesting materials and construction methods that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

3. Design and final approval

  • Now it is time to choose the different elements that will be part of your daily life, such as kitchen finishes, floor colors or lighting accents. Take advantage of the expertise and discounts of our suppliers to maximize your experience.


  • During this time the final plans and the final estimate will be approved by you allowing us to embark on the big step!

Salle à dîner moderne
Maison moderne en pleine construction

4. Construction

  • Follow the progress of our high performance teams who will bring your project to life!

  • Integrate as much as you want into the process to fully understand and follow the different stages through which your home is going through!


  • Easily communicate with your project manager so you can find out more about where your project is or to have your questions answered.

5. Welcome home!

Move into your new home!

  • Construction Memphré will accompany you during the first days and weeks to ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment.



Get to know your new living space.

  • We will work with you so that you know how to operate all high performance systems.


Continue to be part of the Construction Memphré family.

  • You can expect that we will be there to support you in case there are any future needs.

Famille dans nouvelle maison
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