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How much does it cost to build a luxury home?

When it comes to constructing a luxury residence, the question "How much does it cost?" often seems nebulous. Unlike other industries, such as the automotive sector where brands have clearly segmented the different levels of high-end through well-defined models and features, the

luxury residential construction realm presents such diversity that determining a fixed cost becomes a challenge. Residential construction is a vast and varied universe, where each project is unique and reflects the dreams, aspirations, and individual requirements of its owners.

To bring some clarity to this complex universe, we have decided to divide the high-end industry into different categories. This segmentation aims to facilitate the understanding of associated costs and to help future homeowners navigate the landscape of luxury construction with more assurance.

Understanding the cost of constructing a luxury home begins with recognizing its complexity and customization, requiring careful navigation through different categories and preparation for the unexpected.

Detailed Categories of Luxury Homes

*These prices are up to date, in Quebec 2024.

High-Performance Homes ($275 - $350 per square foot)

At the heart of this category are residences that focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and the health of the environment and occupants. These homes combine innovative design and green technologies to offer superior comfort and a low ecological footprint.

High-End Homes ($350 - $450 per square foot)

Defining a balance between sophistication and functionality, these dwellings offer a refined level of luxury. Characterized by quality materials, precise finishes, and cutting-edge equipment, they embody an exclusive approach to comfort and style, making luxury distinctive and personalized.

Luxury Homes ($450 and up per square foot)

The epitome of exclusivity, these residences are masterpieces of innovation and design. With premium materials, bold architectures, and luxurious fittings, they are designed for those seeking the ultimate expression of personalized luxury.


High-Performance Home

High-End Home

Luxury Home

Estimated Cost (per square foot)

$275 - $350 per ft²

$350 - $450 per ft²

$450 and up per ft²

Design and Materials

Well-designed with high-performance construction methods (e.g., LEED)

Abundant fenestration, polished concrete floors, aluminum roofing, heated floors

Aluminum windows, complex shapes, wooden ceiling planks, wall-to-wall ceramic in bathrooms

Unique Features

Eco-friendly, energy efficiency

Functional luxury, modern comfort

Exclusivity, high-end finishes, luxury plumbing fixtures

Calculating Your Budget Estimate

For an accurate budget estimate of your luxury home, don't forget to include all floors, from the basement to the upper levels, in the total cost calculation. For example, a 1500 square foot house with a ground floor and a second floor: 1250 x 2 = 2500 sq ft.

This equates to a high-performance home costing between $687,500 and $875,000, a high-end home costing between $875,000 and $1,125,000, and a luxury home costing $1,125,000 and more (we have already built homes at $700 per square foot).

Don't Forget to Add Taxes!

In the financial planning of your luxury construction project, a crucial aspect not to overlook is

the inclusion of taxes. These often-forgotten costs can represent a significant portion of the overall budget. Ensuring to incorporate them from the start will avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee a budget estimate closer to reality.

The Importance of Budgeting for the Unexpected

Initiating a high-end construction project requires anticipating the unexpected. Allocating about 10% of your total budget for this purpose allows you to serenely manage surprises and ensure the project proceeds without compromising your vision.


Navigating the complex and varied landscape of luxury home construction requires precise planning and communication from the early stages of the project. It is essential to discuss openly with your contractor to ensure that your aspirations align with the desired luxury category and that your budget is realistic concerning your expectations. At Construction Memphré, our team is dedicated to supporting you in this adventure from the beginning, ready to work closely with your architect to realize the home of your dreams, all while respecting the budget you have set. We offer a free consultation to explore the possibilities together and ensure that your dream project becomes a reality. Don't hesitate to contact us to start on solid foundations, with the certainty that your vision is in good hands.

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