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Luxury home construction in the Eastern Townships; from the land to the general contractor, 4 things to know

Are you planning to build a luxury home in the Eastern Townships? Excellent choice! For several years, the Eastern Townships have been a prime region for this type of project! There are many reasons to choose this region for your new home or your secondary residence. Additionally, there are elements to consider when deciding on this region for your build! To ensure that building a luxury home in the Eastern Townships is right for you, we have prepared this article to guide you.

Building a luxury home in the Eastern Townships is an incredible choice for living on an exceptional piece of land, in a region with diverse offerings, close to major urban centers!

1. Availability of Exceptional Land at Reasonable Prices

Despite significant growth since the 2020 pandemic, the Eastern Townships remain a region where exceptional land is still available at reasonable prices. Indeed, located at the heart of the Appalachian chain, this area benefits from a large number of lakes, valleys, and mountains that provide stunning backdrops for building luxury homes. Thus, you can be sure to find in the Eastern Townships land that will exceed your expectations at prices that are lower or comparable to other regions such as the Upper Laurentians, Charlevoix, and Outaouais.

2. Proximity to Urban Centers

In a context where teleworking is increasingly present and even part of the economic fabric, it is less important than ever to live "in the city" or even in the suburbs. However, it is useful to live close to urban centers, thus reducing the time wasted in transport for the times when we need to go to the city.

Taking Magog as the geographical center of the region, you can be in downtown Montreal in 1:15, in Quebec City in 2:30, and even in Boston in 3:30! You can thus enjoy all the joys of living in a beautiful region without being prohibitively distant from major centers.

3. Distinct Communities Offering Diverse Experiences

Probably one of the most underestimated elements of the Eastern Townships is the diversity in the charm and offerings of its villages and cities. Having moved to the Eastern Townships with my family during my adult life, I can compare my experience of having lived elsewhere in Quebec. When I explain it to my friends and family living elsewhere in Quebec, I always say, "in the Eastern Townships, you are always 30 minutes away from being completely transported."

Whether it's the villages or towns near ski centers like Orford, Bromont, Sutton, and Potton, or the communities around lakes such as Magog, North Hatley, Ayer's Cliff, Knowlton, and many others, you are only a few minutes away from a completely different experience. Add also villages with hidden gems such as Austin, Compton, Coaticook, St-Camille, you will never run out of outdoor adventures, gourmet experiences, or spa days!

4. Experienced General Contractor in Luxury Home Construction

Building a high-end home is not the type of project that can be entrusted to just any general contractor. Indeed, a home of this kind requires meticulousness, experience, and tight management so that your project is built as you have imagined, within the timelines you desire, and especially, respecting the budget you have set. Let's be frank, there are few general contractors who have the necessary experience to do it. Clearly, finding the right contractor is certainly a source of stress when you decide to build!

With several years of experience and an enviable portfolio in the construction of luxury homes, Construction Memphré is a contractor of choice, serving the entire Eastern Townships. Our construction methods, our communication with clients, and our monitoring tools are just a few reasons why our clients choose to entrust us with the construction of their project.

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